Images on Aluminium. Suitable for Outdoor Use and in Humid Areas

30 x 40 cm : Starting from 97,60 € excl. VAT

Resize Dimensions Between :
20 x 20 cm and 120 x 240 cm
Hanging Several Suspension System
Transport Delivery : ca. 3-5 working days


AuthenticPhoto is certified by Chromaluxe with the highest quality award  : ChromaLuxe PLUS 

ChromaLuxe: Your Image infused into a 1.14 mm thick Aluminium Plate (max. 120 x 240 cm)

ChromaLuxe, sublimated image, infused in a 1.14 mm aluminum plate —

ChromaLuxe is a contemporary modern production technique that allows the images to have a high saturation and is therefore recommended for color-intensive images. ChromaLuxe offers a kind of metallic appearance and is suitable for outdoor use because it is water- and scratch-resistant. The image is printed mirrorwise with special Fine-Art ink on a transfer paper which is then baked under high pressure at a very high temperature into the coating of an aluminium plate.

Chromaluxe: 4 stypes of surfaces : Glossy - Satin - Matte - Brushed Aluminium

Glossy: The highest color saturation with a super-glossy appearance.
Satin: A soothing, sparkling appearance without light reflections.
Matte: A velvety appearance without reflections
Brushed Aluminium: A roughly lined aluminium structure that is visible in the clear images.

Adding White or Transparent Borders

White Borders

Tranparent Borders

During the Online ordering process you can add Borders to your image
The border will be added to your image size. Nothing will be cut away from your original image.
By adding a White Border you obtain an artificial passe-partout around your image, that can be used during framing.
A Transparent Border is particularly interesting with the Brushed Alu-Chromaluxe
You can choose from the following widths: 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 cm.
Please note that adding edges cannot exceed the maximum print size.


A Wide Choice of Floater Frames in Aluminum and Wood for your Chomaluxe

Our Fino Art-Box in Aluminium with an extra fine front of 1.2 mm.
Available in 3 different thicknesses: 12 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm.
Each in 4 colors:
White matt (RAL 9016)
Black matt (RAL 9005)
Anthracite matt (RAL 7016).
The Fino Art-Box 12 mm is available in Aluminium Silver Anodised

Our Wooden Floater Frames with different front widths:
Fino Art-Box: 4 x 30 mm
Biarritz: 15 x 30 mm
Marbella: 30 x 30 mm
Knokke: 60 x 40 mm.
Each in four colors:
Natural Wood
White matt (RAL 9016)
Black matt (RAL 9005)
Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

All are suitable to contain images in ChromaLuxe, Fine-Art, Photo Prints and direct prints on Dibond and Diasec.

Delivered with Hanging System - Ready to Hang

Aluminum Suspension System 10/45 with wall batten (in red)

Depending on the product, you can - during your order - choose between a Professional or a Simple Hanging System.
Depending on the dimensions and weight, the online system will propose the most obvious solutions:

Professional Hanging Systems :
Are the Hidden Aluminum Hanging Frames with reinforced corners, as shown here on the right.

Simple Hanging Systems :
Spacers - Hanging Hooks - Velcro Systems etc....

Simple Suspension Systems -

Any Shape Possible thanks to our Computer-controlled Milling Machine (CNC)

The ChromaLuxe produced by AuthenticPhoto can be milled to the desired shape and completed by a suitable invisible suspension system.
Circles, ovals and all free shapes up to a maximum size of 120 x 240 cm per element.

Our technicians help you to trace the cutting shapes as close as possible to your image in order to guarantee a professional grip and finish.