To avoid counterfeiting, from March 2020, all Diasec produced at Authentic will receive a unique number on the back:


All Formats
Up to 120 x 120 cm


European Quality Plexi
Glossy Plexi 2 mm at the front
3 mm Dibond on the back


Epson Printing
With UltraChrome Pro inks


Plexi at the Front
Dibond on the Back
Guaranteed stability


Pro Suspension System
Authentic aluminum chassis
Long-lasting adhesive

Diasec Classic - Professional Epson Printing with UltraChrome Pro Inks

Diasec Classic, entry level, professional artistic product, perfect for decoration —

With our Diasec licence, which we have been practising for more than 30 years, we chemically stick your photos with the image side against European manufactured Plexiglas plate without adhesive traces or air bubbles.

Our European Plexiglas offers a high UV protection factor and attracts little dust due to our anti-static processing.

Diasec Classic gives your photos special qualities and depth in combination with a cost-effective solution.

Diasec Classic shows your image razor-sharp with bright intense colours and contrast.

  • Crystal-clear Glossy surface

  • Visible depth and intense colours

  • Protected against UV rays and therefore long shelf life

  • A presentation that makes an impression


Photo Paper of High Quality Produced on Epson printers with UltraChrome Pro Inks

High quality paper printed on Epson with Epson UltraChrome Pro inks —

Photo Paper of High Quality produced on Epson printers with UltraChrome ProInks for years of colour stability.

This makes the Diasec Classic an ideal solution for an affordable quality product.

Strong contrasts, fine details and intense colour rendering.

ICC colour-calibrated.

Delivered complete with adapted Hanging System - Ready to Hang

Diasec Classic is delivered as standard with an adapted Aluminium hanging system on the back, invisible from the front. Simple and safe to use.
During the Online Order you can Upgrade to the following Hanging System.
Up to a side 30 cm long: Single Hook with upgrade possibilities
Up to 50 x 50 cm: 2 hanging bars with upgrade possibilities to frame 10/20
Up to 80 x 80 cm: Aluminium frame 10/20 - Upgrade to frame 10/45
> 80 x 80 cm:  Aluminium frame 10/45 - Upgrade to frame 10/100
A wall batten for hanging is provided automatically.
Suspension Systems also vary by Total Weight

10/45 invisible suspension system —

Aluminum Suspension System 10/45 with wall batten (in red)

Diasec Classic is available in all conceivable dimensions up to 120 x 120 cm to the mm

Diasec Classic is available up to 120 x 120 cm —

We will produce your Diasec Classic in your own desired format.
Customised to the millimetre according to your ideas and adapted to the available space in your interior.

  • Min. size: 20 x 20 cm
  • Max. size: 120 x 120 cm

Some examples of size comparisons

Some examples of size comparisons —

AuthenticPhoto is certified by Hahnemühle, Canson, Ilford, ChromaLuxe and Epson Digigraphie

Additional Services

Testprints & Softproof

Testprint in A4 format (full image).
1:1 scale test (± 30 x 50 cm).
Softproof by email.


Adaptation, retouching and correction of your image. Optimization of the image according to the chosen product.


Organization of the hanging of your images after production and delivery.

Shipping & Delivery

Custom packaging depending on the delivery method. The goods are guaranteed by AuthenticPhoto if we take care of the shipping.


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