Images and Visual Communication printed directly on Lightweight Panels (Carton Plume)
Available in 10 mm up to 200 x 300 cm.
Very High Quality due to 6 color printing + White

UV_Printhead_Forex.jpg (1)

Smooth and White Surface
Foamed Inside
Matt Printing

UV Carton Plume

Smooth and White Surface
Foamed Inside
Matt Print

Carton Plume PLV Sim 204X204

Lightweight panels Ideal for:
Cutouts and
Commercial Information


Attached with Velcro
Quick Posted
and Switched

UV Carton Plume Birthday

One-Time Events
Budget Conscious

Lightweight Panel with a Foamed Inside and Recto-Verso Printable Outsides
Available in 10 mm thick to 200 x 300 cm.

State-of-the-art machines print directly onto Light Weight Panels using 6 channel color inks which produce photographic quality.
The ecological inks - Greenguard Certified - are cured with UV LED light and have a matte appearance. Due to the curing process, the inks are scratch resistant, moisture and weather resistant.

Light-Weight Panels consist of a foamed interior and a smooth uniform surface with optimal ink absorption. Due to its lightweight, it can be attached with Velcro, but you can also use it freestanding

Some Visual Examples

Direct printing on Light-Weight panels is ideal for Retail use.

  • Light-Weight panels are a foamed sheet of 820 gr/m²
  • Matte printed and therefore no disturbing reflections
  • Especially suitable for indoor use

All conceivable dimensions up to 200 x 300 cm.

  • Can be printed on both sides
  • Is ideal as a ceiling pendant
  • Can be milled in all conceivable shapes

Printed Light Weight Plates with Different Fixings... Standing, Velcro or Hanging

Authentic Light-Weight panels milled to the desired shape

Due to their light weight, these printed plates have the advantage that they can be easily installed and removed by the in-house shop staff. You can hang them, attach them to the ceiling, use them alone and print them with a message on both sides.

Authentic Lightweight Panel fixed with velcro

The easiest placement is by means of Velcro against existing walls and structures. The size and number of Velcro varies according to the dimensions and thickness of the sheets used. supplies the necessary Velcro and, if desired, also takes care of the placement.

Authentic Lightweight Panel fixed with metal hanger.

You can also easily hang light-weight panels with a self-adhesive metal hook. We then attach some spacers at the bottom so that the panel does not hang at an angle.

Photographic Printed Lightweight panels are ideal for Fast Changing Store Communications

Authentic Photographic Printed Lightweight panels are ideal for fast changing Store Communications

Some examples of size comparisons

Some examples of size comparisons —

AuthenticPhoto is certified by Hahnemühle, Canson, Ilford, ChromaLuxe and Epson Digigraphie

Additional Services

Testprints & Softproof

Testprint in A4 format (full image).
1:1 scale test (± 30 x 50 cm).
Softproof by email.


Adaptation, retouching and correction of your image. Optimization of the image according to the chosen product.


Organization of the hanging of your images after production and delivery.

Shipping & Delivery

Custom packaging depending on the delivery method. The goods are guaranteed by AuthenticPhoto if we take care of the shipping.


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