Optimization of Images using Artificial Intelligence

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AuthenticPhoto has the latest image software that combines artificial intelligence in image optimization. AuthenticPhoto's technicians combine their Photoshop knowledge with AI software to enlarge your images by reconstructing or adjusting extra pixels.

If your image is too small to achieve the desired enlargement, our image editing expertise, combined with AI software, will make what you thought impossible a reality. The print can then be produced in the desired size.

In general it is about "improving images" in all its aspects, as shown in the few examples below.

Editing an image is not just about “pressing a button” and getting the desired result automatically. Rather, it is a combination of different possible solutions that can only be produced by an experienced image specialist.

Contrast, color saturation and minor retouches can also be applied during image processing.

But we can do much more, as the examples below demonstrate :

Enhance Face and Body Details

Visage Après
Visage Avant

The featured image was taken with a cell phone while on vacation.
The original image was 1200x800 pixels.
By editing the original file in several stages, the image could be significantly improved.
This allowed the image to be printed at a much larger size with vastly improved image quality.

Enhance Texts and Details Somewhere in Certain Parts of the Image

un ticket de cinéma après traitement par l'ia. l'image est très nette et n'est pas pixellisée.
un ticket de cinéma avant traitement par l'ia. l'image est très pixellisée et floue.

We can also apply different optimizations in certain parts of the image.
The optimization here has produced sharper and more accurate texts.
The result is identical as if the image had been taken with a professional camera.

Removing Image Noise

une vielle voiture à cuba. Avant traitement par l'ia, l'image n'a plus de grain..
une vielle voiture à cuba. Avant traitement par l'ia, l'image est remplie de grain..

Drastic reduction of image noise while maintaining a high level of detail.
Particularly useful when using scanned film files.
Digitized analog images (slides and negatives) always contain image noise.
In this image, image noise has been removed without affecting sharpness and detail.

File Enlargement

Your photo taken with your phone is too small?
Your image does not contain enough information to produce the desired enlargement qualitatively?
We can enlarge the image by reconstructing additional fine details.

The end result is stunning!