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The sample sets are shipped for free.
Each sample set also contains a discount coupon of 20 € to use on a next order.

All samples are 10 x 10 cm and come in an adapted cardboard box.

Diasec Sample Set : 10 € + vat With Discount Voucher of - 20 €

Diasec is a protected patent that can only be executed by official licensees. Diasec has been around for more than 50 years and has proven its reliability over all these years. Due to its chemical processing, it does not leave any visible glue traces. The Diasec raw materials are resistant to UV light and do not yellow. In combination with an ISO 9706 paper you have a lightfastness for more than 200 years.

Content :
Diasec Glossy Plexi / Plexi 3 + 3 mm.
Diasec Glossy Plexi / Black Plexi 3 + 3 mm.
Diasec Satin Plexi / Plexi 3 + 3 mm.
Diasec Mat Plexi / Plexi 3 + 3 mm.
Diasec TruLife Plexi / Plexi 3 + 3 mm. (Non-reflective glossy)
Diasec Opalmat – Opal transparent film on plexi 3 mm with anti-reflection film.

A Discount Voucher of -20 €uro net.

Alu - Dibond & Chromaluxe Sample Set: 10 € + vat With Discount Voucher of - 20 €

With the very latest machines, Alu-Dibond is printed directly by means of 6 channel ecological color inks. (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta) The inks have a matte appearance and are cured with Led Light.
This makes them scratch-resistant and resistant to moisture and rain. Ideal for outdoor use.

With Chromaluxe, your image is baked in a 1.14 mm aluminum plate.
Color-intense images with a metallic appearance are created that are suitable for outdoor use because it is water and scratch resistant. Chromaluxe images are color resistant for 65 years.

Photo Print on White Alu-Dibond 3 mm.
Photo Print on Brushed Silver Alu-Dibond 3 mm.
Photo Print on Brushed Gold Alu-Dibond 3 mm.

Chromaluxe Glossy
Chromaluxe Satin
Chromaluxe Matte
Chromaluxe Glossy Brushed

A Discount Voucher of -20 €uro net.

Fine-Art Prints & Photo Papers Sample Set : 10 € + vat With Discount Voucher of - 20 €

Fine-Art prints are very high in quality and offer a lightfastness of over 200 years. They are produced with Epson Ultrachrome inks. All our Fine Art prints are ISO 9706 and exist in color and pure black and white.

Photo paper prints are also produced with Epson Ultrachrome inks and mirror traditional photo paper. They can be produced in color as well as in pure black and white. Our set of photo papers also includes Special Photo Papers (Pearl & Metallic)

Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 305 g - Color & Black-White
Hahnemühle Torchon 285 g - Color & Black-White
Hahnemühle William Turner 310 g - Color & Black-White
Hahnemühle Bamboo 390 gr - Color & Black-White
Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 g - Color & Black-White
Canson Rag Photographique 310 g - Color & Black-White
Canson Platina Fiber 310 g - Color & Black-White
Photo-Art White Baryta 310 g - Color & Black-White

Ilford Glossy RC Coated 260 g - Color & Black-White
Ilford Satin RC Coated 260 g - Color & Black-White
Ilford Métal Glossy RC Coated 290 g - Color & Black-White

Moab Slickrock Pearl
Moab Slickrock Silver

A Discount Voucher of -20 €uro net.

Special Products Sample set : 10 € + vat With Discount Voucher of - 20 €

Our range of special products do not fit into any of the previous categories, but because of their exclusivity they offer the visual artist many creative possibilities.

Content :

Print behind Plexi Glossy - Plexi / Dibond 3 + 2 mm
Print behind Plexi Satin - Plexi / Dibond 3 + 2 mm
Printing behind plexiglass with a white diffuse layer. (Transparent).
Printing on Ecological Wood with White background.
Printing on Forex 5mm. (Advertisment product)
Ecological Canvas
Transparent Opal Film (Without mounting)
Poster Print (Inexpensive communication paper).

A Discount Voucher of -20 €uro net.

AuthenticPhoto is certified by Hahnemühle, Canson, Ilford, ChromaLuxe and Epson Digigraphie

Additional Services

Testprints & Softproof

Testprint in A4 format (full image).
1:1 scale test (± 30 x 50 cm).
Softproof by email.


Adaptation, retouching and correction of your image. Optimization of the image according to the chosen product.


Organization of the hanging of your images after production and delivery.

Shipping & Delivery

Custom packaging depending on the delivery method. The goods are guaranteed by AuthenticPhoto if we take care of the shipping.


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