Diasec Mini

Modern Diasec Gift

13 x 18 cm : Starting from 77,00 € excl. VAT



Resize 2 Dimensions :
13 x 18 cm and 18 x 13 cm
Hanging Plexi Feet
Magnetic Suspension
Transport Delivery : ca. 8 Working Days






Diasec Minis are an absolute delight:

They come in an original gift box in a ‘glitzy’ gold cover.

Optionally, we will send your Diasec Mini directly to your recipient with a personal message that you can fill in online

Images from your smartphone are ideal to be incorporated into a Diasec Mini

As a personal photo gift, as a reminder of a special event, as a thank-you gift, etc.
Diasec Minis are photographically top quality and a real Diasec in the version Plexi/Plexi 3+3 with polished edges

Diasec Mini: one standard size of 13x18 cm that you can order in both portrait and landscape



Images from your Smartphone are ideal for a Diasec Mini

  • Mail your Smartphoto from your phone to your own email address
  • Save your Smartphoto on your computer
  • Upload your image to AuthenticPhoto.com
  • Order Diasec Mini
  • Fill in the Online Pages

3 different Presentation options

  • Stand with plexi base supplied
  • With the rear hanging hook
  • With the built-in magnet on refrigerators and furniture made of metal




Add a Personal Message

Fill in the Online Pages
Write a Personal Message
Enter the recipient’s address


We will send your Diasec Mini together with your Personal Message to the recipient