Decoration + Light
Decoration + Light

Decoration + Light

Opal Film

Opal Film

Mounted on Diasec Plexi

Mounted on Diasec Plexi

For Lightbox

For Lightbox

Diasec Opal

Opal Film mounted with Diasec Plexi
For Light Boxes

40 x 30 cm : Starting from 152,00 € excl. VAT

Resize Dimensions between :
20 x 20 cm and 160 x 300 cm
Transport Delivery : ca. 3-5 working days

To avoid counterfeiting, each Diasec produced at AuthenticPhoto receives an unique number on the back :

Artistic Window Decoration using Natural Light

Printed transparent film that uses the available daylight.

We deliver the printed transparent on a roll or finished like a Diasec Transparent Film.

A Diasec Transparent Film is a combination in which the Translucent film is glued to a plexi with the special Diasec bonding. On top of this, a matte protective film is then applied.

The matte film on top of it cancels out the reflections of the translucent film so that our brains only see the transparent image.

A Lightbox as a Work of Art

The Diasec Transparent Film associated with a lightbox offers a beautiful saturation of the images, while still displaying subtle nuances and hues.

The lightbox is ready for hanging: it also serves as a frame.

The use of Diasec Transparent Filmt in a lightbox also makes it possible to create personalized atmospheres by playing on ambient light and darkness.

Light boxes in waiting areas to create space

Versatile applicability.

Decoration in the corridors without external light allowing to open and visually ventilate a space.

Creation of an artificial window.

As a luminous artistic object.

To transform an artwork and catch the eye.

Visual communication: To draw attention to a particular message or product.

Ceiling decoration in hospitals scanner rooms

Easeful :

More and more hospitals and medical centers are decorating the ceilings of their scanner rooms in order to create an environment conducive to the serenity of patients and reduce their stress.

An open sky decor notably makes it possible to fight against the claustrophobia that some people might feel at the idea of being locked in a scanner.

The use of Diasec Transparent Film ensures a decoration that is reliable in terms of hygiene, easy to maintain and resistant.