Plexi Print
Plexi Print

Plexi Print

Selective White

Selective White

Hanging Systems

Hanging Systems

Light Boxes

Light Boxes

Print on Plexi

With or Without Rear White

40 x 30 cm : Starting from 40,00 € excl. VAT

Resize Dimensions Between :
10 x 10 cm and 200 x 300 cm
3 - 5 mm Thickness
Hanging Different Suspension Systems
Transport Delivery : ca. 3 - 5 working days


Choice of Opaque or Transparent (diffuse) Rear White Ink Layer
Or with a Dibond Mounted on the Back

Only Plexi

Plexi + Dibond

Note : Printing on the back of plexi is not comparable in quality to an artistic Diasec where Fine-Art paper is always used.

At, Plexi is printed in colour on the back. This can be done either with an underlying opaque white ink layer or with a transparent (diffuse) white ink layer.

The underlying opaque white ink layer can completely or selectively follow the image, logo or texts.
The underlying transparent (diffuse) white ink layer is used to create a light box transparent.

This is done with inks that cure under UV light and have a shelf life of several years. The inks are weather-resistant and to a certain extent scratch-resistant.
The appearance of the plexi on the front is shiny with free polished edges.
To adapt your images to one of the proposed solutions, our technicians will be happy to help you prepare your image to achieve the desired effect.


Plexi printed on the back with a White Opaque Ink Layer that only follows the Logo or Text.

Without White under the text.

With White under the text.


Direct printing on the back of Plexi with a white opaque ink layer that selectively follows your image, logo or texts. The remaining part remains transparent.

The borders are polished for free to give your plexi sheet a glamorous effect.

The holes for attaching the spacers are milled digitally so that they are in precisely the desired position without drill damaging.

Our technicians will be happy to help you adjust your image digitally to achieve the desired result.

Ready to Hang - Directly useable

Aluminum Suspension System 10/45 with wall batten (in red)

Depending on the product, you can - during your order - choose between a Professional or a Simple Hanging System.
Depending on the dimensions and weight, the online system will propose the most obvious solutions:

Professional Hanging Systems :
Are the Hidden Aluminum Hanging Frames with reinforced corners, as shown here on the right.

Simple Hanging Systems :
Spacers - Hanging Hooks - Velcro Systems etc....

Simple Hanging Systems -

Plexiglas printed on the back with a rear Transparent (diffuse) White Ink Layer to obtain a Light Box effect

The back-printing of Plexi with a diffuse white primer creates a transparency that can be used in a light box.

Extra-large dimensions up to 200 x 300 cm.

Lift Lighting
In this example the LED lighting inside a lift with a decorative opal Plexi image.

In this way the impression of a larger space is also created visually.

Weight of Plexi
3 mm Plexi weighs 3.60 kg/m2
6 mm Plexi weighs 7.2 kg/m2
10 mm Plexi weighs 11.90 kg/m2

Plexi printed on the back and finished with a Dibond back is Ideal for Outdoor use

Plexi printed on the back and finished with a Dibond back is Ideal for Outdoor use -

An image that is printed on the back of plexiglass can be finished with a 2 mm Dibond on the back. We print a white ink layer on the back of the image so that the glue applied for mounting the Dibond back is not visible.
All our suspension systems can be used. Both our professional and simple suspension systems.

Benefits :
The Plexi/Dibond version remains extremely flat with large dimensions. It is also suitable for outdoor use because it is protected at the back. It can withstand all weather conditions.
The Plexi/Dibond version can also be used in damp areas (Swimming pools - Sauna -Fitness etc..)