Fino Art-Box 30mm
Fino Art-Box 30mm

Fino Art-Box 30mm

Inclusive Hanging

Inclusive Hanging

Fino Art-Box Wood

30 mm
4 Colors

30 x 40 cm : Starting from 235,60 € excl. VAT

Resize Dimensions Between :
20 x 20 cm and 180 x 120 cm
Usable Medias :
Diasec - Chromaluxe -
Papers on Dibond - UV on Dibond
Transport Delivery : ca. 3-5 working days


You can choose from multiple Image Carriers that can be mounted in our Floater Frames

- Photo paper Color and Black & White mounted on Dibond 3 mm
- Fine Art Epson in Color and Black & White mounted on Dibond 3 mm
- Special Papers: Metallic Silver and Pearl, mounted on Dibond 3 mm
- Diasec "A la Carte" Plexi/Dibond 2+3 mm.
- ChromaLuxe
- Images printed directly on Dibond 3 mm


Fino Art-Box Wood

  1. Height = 30 mm
  2. Visible side = 4 mm
  3. Shadow = 2 mm Standard (between 1 and 5 mm)


The Fino Art-Box in Wood has a frame width of 4 mm and a frame height of 30 mm.
Its design is both timeless and modern. It is also an ecological and natural product.
The various solid wood elements are fastened together so as to have a robust and perfectly flat American Frame.

Available in 4 colors: Ayous Natural Wood, White, Anthracite and Black

Fino Art-Box Wood

4 Colors : Ayous natural Wood, White, Anthracite, Black

All our Floater Frames have an Inclusive Hanging System

A Fino Art-Box in Wood has an intelligent hanging system at the back
It is fully integrated and is included in the price.

A piece of Dibond is screwed over the entire upper length. It is countersunk-screwed on three profiles of the frame so that the total weight is distributed over 75% of the frame.

The specially designed wall batten slides perfectly behind the screwed Dibond. The entire hanging system ensures that your Fino Art-Box hangs flat and parallel to the wall.

Because the wooden profiles of the Fino Art-Box consist of 1 solid piece of wood and are also milled in a special shape, the Fino Art-Box will remain rigid and straight.

Unpack and hang!

Interactive Images with 360° Technologie

Fino Art-Box Wood 30mm