Easy to Install

Wallpaper 225 gr

Pre-Glued Back
Wet the Back
Adheres to All Surfaces

Color & Black-White

Width of the Strips Adapted to Your Project

Up to 130 x 300 cm per Strip

The Width of your Strips will be Adjusted to your Project

Our technicians divide your image into
manageable widths with overhangs on the
left/right and underside to be cut according to the circumstances.

The top wedging serves as a starting point.

The mounting of the strips is done one against
the other (no overlapping). This greatly facilitates
the work of the installer.

The inks are certified ecological, they have no
odors. They can be used in hospitals, children's
rooms, schools...

The print is scuff resistant so it can be installed
without any problems.

Some exemples of use...

Brighten up office spaces with printed wallpaper

A daring intimate corner due to the printed wallpaper

The bedroom decorated with printed wallpaper

Atmospheric office corridors with printed wallpaper