Forex 5 & 10 mm
Forex 5 & 10 mm

Forex 5 & 10 mm

Forex Letters

Forex Letters

Special Shapes

Special Shapes

Hanging Systems

Hanging Systems

Print on Forex

5 & 10 mm

30 x 40 cm : Starting from 24,00 € excl. VAT

Resize Dimensions Between :
10 x 10 cm et 200 x 300 cm
5 - 10 mm Thickness
Hanging Different Hanging Systems
Transport Delivery : ca. 3 - 5 working days


Forex is a Foamed Rigid PVC sheet — Available in 5 or 10 mm thick up to 200 x 300 cm

Direct UV printing on foamed PVC Forex with Greenguard Gold ecological inks —

The very latest machines are used to print directly onto Alu-Dibond by means of 8-channel colour inks that produce a photographic quality.
The ecological inks, Greenguard Gold certified, are cured with UV LED light and have a matt appearance.

Curing makes the inks scratch-, moisture- and weather-resistant.

Forex consists of a foamed PVC sheet and a smooth uniform surface with an optimal ink absorption.
Because of its light weight it can be attached with Velcro, but you can also fasten it with screws or use it free-standing.

Letters and Special Shapes

Forex Can be miled according to letters and text.

Forex can be miled according to our 4 special shapes or a free shape.

Photographic Quality on White Forex is Ideal for Store Communication. Any Shape is Possible thanks to our Computer-controlled Milling Machine (CNC). Circles, Letters or any Free Form

Forex can be milled into all forms. Letters or free forms —

Direct printing on White Forex is not an artistic product, but it is ideal for visual communication in retail spaces.

  • Forex is a lightweight, foamed PVC sheet.
  • Matt Imprint and therefore no distracting reflections
  • B1/M1 Fire safety standard for public places (self-extinguishing)

All conceivable dimensions up to 200 x 300 cm.

  • Can be printed on both sides
  • Is ideal as a ceiling pendant
  • Especially suitable for indoor use
  • Mouldable in every conceivable shape


Ready to Hang - Directly useable

Due to their light weight, these printed Forex plates have the advantage that they can be easily installed and removed by the in-house shop staff. You can hang them, attach them to the ceiling, use them alone and print them with a message on both sides.

The easiest placement is by means of Velcro against existing walls and structures. The size and number of Velcro varies according to the dimensions and thickness of the sheets used. supplies the necessary Velcro and, if desired, also takes care of the placement.

You can also easily hang light weight Forex panels with a self-adhesive metal hook. We then attach some spacers at the bottom so that the panel does not hang at an angle.