Fine-Art Canson Baryta Matt Paper
Fine-Art Canson Baryta Matt Paper

Fine-Art Canson Baryta Matt Paper

Fine-Art paper Suitable for Black and White

Suitable for
Black and White

Fine-Art Canson Paper Suitable for Diasec Plexi

Suitable for Diasec Plexi

Fine-Art Canson Paper suitable for Mounting on Dibond and Framing

Mounting on
Dibond and Framing

Fine-Art Canson Baryta Photographic II Matt

310 gr / m²

30 x 40 cm : Starting from 21,00 € excl. VAT

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Resize Dimensions Between :
10 x 10 cm and 110 x 300 cm

Different Finishes:
Diasec Plexi - Mounting on Dibond and Framing

Lightfastness : ISO 9706
> 100 year
Transport Delivery : ca. 3-5 working days

Paper Properties

Appearance : Ultra Smooth Coated Mat Paper

Base : 100% Paper

Weight/m² : 310 g

ISO Museum : ISO 9706

Lightfastness : More than 100 years

Acid: No Acids

Optical Whiteners : No Optical Whiteners

CIE Whiteness : 100,70 %

Maximum Size : 110 x 300 cm

Contains : Barium Sulphate

Fine-Art Paper Canson Baryta Photographic II Matt :

The Canson Baryta Photographic II Matt paper features an extremely smooth surface with a completely matte finish which, due to the absence of grain interference, accentuates the details of the printed image. The matte surface does not reflect any light from any viewing angle, which is ideal for photographers or artists who want to display their works.

With an extremely high D-Max (black density), equivalent to that of a Fine-Art matte paper, the paper offers exceptional contrast and depth, as well as intense colors. It has a layer consisting of barium sulfate (barite). and it also meets ISO 9706 standards.

Adding White Borders Online

Fine-Art Canson Baryta Photo II Matt Paper - Add White Borders

You can add white borders to your picture during the Online Order. You can choose from the following widths: 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 10 - 12 and 15 cm.
The white border is added to your image size. So nothing of your original image will be cropped. No white border can be added to the maximum dimensions. (max. 110 cm width)

Mounting on Alu-Dibond

Fine-Art Canson Baryta Photo II Matt Paper - Mounting on Dibond

Alu-Dibond consists of two white lacquered aluminum layers with a polyethylene core layer in between. As a result, an Alu-Dibond remains extremely flat. The white lacquered aluminum layers are optimally suited for mounting images.
Our standard Alu-Dibond has a thickness of 3 mm.

Satin Protective Film or Invisible Varnish

Fine-Art Canson Baryta Photo II Matt Paper - Film

We can provide additional protection to the Fine-Art Canson Paper with an invisible protective spray from Hahnemühle or a Satin Protective Film. These are of high optical quality and protect the optical density of color pigments. They extend color fastness through a built-in UV block and protect against light scratches. It significantly reduces the touch sensitivity of the Fine-Art Canson paper.

An invisible Hahnemühle protective spray does not change the visual aspect of the Fine-Art Budget paper.
A satin protective film places its own satin visual aspect on top of the Fine-Art Canson Paper.

Protecting with an invisible Hahnemühle spray: